The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) Providing insights about readiness to change

About the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ)

The SOQ is a climate assessment tool. The multi-method measure utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methods to yield powerful results. It assesses the climate and context for change within an organization using a nine dimension model.

Over 50 years of extensive research, development, and testing occurred to make the SOQ what it is today. The SOQ is a reliable, valid and useful measure built upon a solid foundation. It is based on the early works of Dr. Göran Ekvall.

The power behind the SOQ is that it is designed to make real, lasting change happen. The measure has been utilized by over 100 organizations, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

The Situational Outlook Questionnaire® has been linked to
Improved job satisfaction
Values that promote organizational learning
Increased creative productivity
Leadership behaviors promoting change
Better implementation of new systems
Improved understanding of organizational culture
Successful transformation efforts
Identifying differences in sub-climate (divisions)
Efficient use of resources
Successful development of new products and services
Employee health and well-being
Effective reward and recognition programs
High performing teams and divisions
Improved acceptance and management of diversity
Positive work attitudes
Decreasing work-related stress

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