SOQ - Situational Outlook Questionnaire


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  •                                 About the SOQ: An Overview
    General information about what the SOQ is and the basics on how it can be applied.
  •                                 About Becoming an SOQ Practitioner
    This document answers questions about who might administer the SOQ® and how to become qualified to use the SOQ®


  •                                 Managing for Innovation: The Two Faces of Tension in Creative Climates
    This article points out the distinction between two forms of tension that appear within the research on organizational climates for creativity as well as the conflict management literature.
  •                                 The Climate for Transformation: Lessons for Leaders
    This article reports insights for organizational leaders based on a series of case studies describing the use of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire as a tool to assist them with their transformation efforts.
  •                                 Creative Climate: A Leadership Lever for Innovation
    The working atmosphere within an organization has an important influence on its level of innovative productivity. Organizational leaders influence innovative productivity as well as the climate for creativity and innovation. This exploratory study included 140 respondents from 103 different organizations, 31 industries, and 10 countries, all of whom completed an online survey focused on examining the intervening nature of the climate for creativity and innovation.
  •                                 Linking Problem-Solving Style and Creative Organizational Climate
    Little is known about the relationship between style preferences (as the people aspect) and climates for creativity. This study aims to tie these two constructs together by taking an interactionist approach.
  •                                 Resources on Climate for Creativity: An Annotated Bibliography
    The focus of this selected bibliography is on the concept of organizational climate for creativity and change with particular emphasis on the Creative Climate Questionnaire (CCQ, the precursor to the SOQ) and the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) both of which were designed to assess organizational climate and have been used as tools to promote and direct organizational change initiatives.

Technical Resources

    •                                 Conceptual and Historical Foundations of the SOQ 
      The story of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ)
    •                                 Applying the SOQ
      The purpose of this resource is to provide you some examples of how the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) has been applied.
    •                                 Psychometrics of the Current Version of the SOQ
      The psychometric properties of the current version of the current version can be found in this resource.
    •                                 Perceptions of the Best and Worst Case Climates for Creativity
      This article reports the results of 2 studies conducted to examine the ability of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) to effectively discern climates that either encourage or discourage creativity and the ability to initiate change.  The purpose of the studies is to examine the concurrent criterion-related validity of the SOQ.
    •                                 A Summary of the Evidence
      The purpose of this chapter is to provide the reader a high-level and illustrative summary of the evidence to support the reliability and validity of the dimensions of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ).
    •                                 Climate's Relationship to Empowerment, Consumer Insight and Ambiguity
      This resource documents a study involving 1,541 CEOs, general managers, and senior public sector leaders was conducted by IBM (IBM, 2010). The senior leaders interviewed were drawn from 60 countries and 33 industries. The key insight provided by this study was that senior leaders see complexity as the biggest challenge they confront. Given that most enterprises are not currently equipped to cope with complexity, senior leaders see creativity as the single most important leadership competency for seeking a path through this complexity.
    •                                 Development of the SOQ
      The purpose of this technical summary is to document the development of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ) from its initial translation of its Swedish precursor, the Creative Climate Questionnaire (CCQ) through to the next most current version. The psychometric properties of the current version can found in the resource, Psychometrics of the Current Version of the SOQ.
    •                                 The Gallup Studies and The Climate for Change, Innovation and Creativity
      The Gallup work clearly supports the idea that what management does to create a productive working environment pays off. This likely explains, in part, why the Gallup Workplace Audit is so broadly adopted. Given the increasing demand for organizations to meet the productivity imperative, those who lead and manage organizations must do everything they can to shape their workplaces for improvement, change, and innovation.
    •                                 A Glossary of Terms for the SOQ
      The purpose of this technical resource is to provide you with definitions and descriptions of the key vocabulary associated with the Situational Outlook Questionnaire®.
    •                                 Convergent Validity of the SOQ
      Convergent Validity of the Situational Outlook Questionnaire®: Discriminating Levels of Perceived Support for Creativity was a study to continue examining the validity of the SOQ.  The relationship between mean ratings of the nine dimensions that make up the SOQ and the self-perception of the organizational climate as conducive (or not conducive) to creativity with 1,830 individuals from a variety of organizations. 

Privacy and Data Protection Policy       

    •                                  SOQ Privacy and Research Policy
      Learn more about how we protect your privacy, and what information we use to keep the SOQ research current and relevant.