SOQ - Situational Outlook Questionnaire

Become Qualified

Who administers the Situational Outlook Questionnaire®?

Only qualified SOQ Practitioners can administer, interpret and apply the SOQ.

The purpose of the qualification program is to prepare the practitioner and provide the required knowledge and skills to apply the SOQ and deliver SOQ Services.  Those who seek to become qualified must successfully complete a qualification program that emphasizes knowledge of the assessment and the practical application and administration of the SOQ. 

The program is designed to help with:

  •  Knowing the measure – SOQ services are based on the assessment itself, so Qualified Practitioners must know what is being measured as well as how and why it does so.
  •  Positioning the SOQ to meet needs – Once a Qualified Practitioner knows about the measure, the next step is being able to identify appropriate opportunities to apply it, along with the services associated with the approach.
  •  Administering the SOQ – The Qualified Practitioner must be able to take a lead role in planning to acquire the data in such a way that the client(s) finds the information and insights useful.
  •  Analyzing and Interpreting the Results – Following successful administration of the SOQ, the Qualified Practitioner must be able to read, review, and understand the results before communicating them to the client and end-users.
  •  Communicating the Results – Once prepared, the Qualified Practitioner must know how to share the results with the appropriate audiences to ensure comprehension and the ability to take actions for improvement.
  •  Helping the Client Make Change Happen – SOQ Services are designed to help those who lead and manage organizations and teams make their climates more productive, innovative, and ready to sustain change.  The Qualified SOQ Practitioner partners with the client(s) to help them make change happen.
  •  Following Up and Following Through – A Qualified SOQ Practitioner develops a relationship with the client(s) so that when there is a need for follow up, the client knows whom to call.

How do I get qualified?

The SOQ Qualification Program can be provided in a variety of formats.  In some cases, the program can be done through distance learning.  On other occasions it has been provided as a multi-day face-to-face training program.  It has also been conducted through a blended approach including some distance learning supplemented by a short face-to-face tutorial.  

Call us to discuss the best approach for you with one of our trainers. Fill out the Contact Us form with any inquiries or interest in qualification.